Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Why are you comparing yourself to others? Especially if it makes you unhappy or jealous.

You are unique

You are created to be different from everyone else.

It’s time to celebrate that.

As you find that comparing yourself to others and their accomplishments become a losing battle, you may experience an emotional fear that will draw you into a never-ending spiral of negativity.

Look, you offer your own unique perspective in the game of life. So does everyone else. We really should all be thanking each other.  But, if you are constantly comparing yourself to others, it means you just aren’t happy with who you are. Why is that?

Life is not a competition. It’s a journey

People are brought up to conform to society. If you don’t fit within society’s norms, you are looked upon disapprovingly. However, most people aren’t normal in the truest sense of the word. Everyone has quirks and idiosyncrasies. It’s these differences that allow us to find solutions to many problems.

It also keeps us from getting bored. Imagine if everyone were pretty much the same. There would be nothing new to discover about one another. That is called, boring.

Tip: Become More Grateful  Start right now and consider the things that you should be deeply grateful for, take stock of what’s good in your life, and remind yourself of it daily.  If someone or something triggers that negative feeling of comparison,


Take a slow calming breath, repeat if necessary, and remind yourself of the positive things and people in your life, right now. With just a little reflection you will see there is much to be grateful for.




Comparing Yourself to Others vs. Conforming

To be sure, there are some reasons to conform. For instance, you need to follow the rules and laws of your country and community. Otherwise, you will suffer consequences for not doing so. Also, you want to treat others with respect so that they will hopefully return that respect.

However, if you only act in ways in which others believe you should, you aren’t going to live your life to the fullest.

That’s why you should get out of the habit of comparing yourself to others. When you do this, you are likely setting unrealistic expectations and will lead you to be disappointed. Comparing yourself to others will result in you resenting those people.

They have their reasons for being the way they are, and it has nothing to do with you.

There are qualities you admire in others. There is nothing wrong with trying to adopt some of those admirable qualities for yourself. However, it shouldn’t get to the point where you are trying to redefine who you are to be like those people you admire.

You aren’t them, and you never will be.

Reasons To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others Video

Tip: Only Use Comparison as Motivation to Improve Yourself

Who and or what inspires you to live your life more consciously, in the way that matters most, for the most good?

These kinds of comparisons will actually be healthy for you. People showing generosity or kindness could lead you to think, ‘I want to be more like them’. The idea that ‘I truly want to make a difference in the world’ starts with you.

If you have a roof over your head, food on the table and in the cupboard, decent clothing for your environment, and people who love and care for you, you are blessed.  You have what you need.

Anything you get over and above that is just pure frosting. So share what you can, especially with others who don’t have the bare minimum.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt

You have but a short time on this planet. If you spend most of that time trying to be like someone else, you are in for a rough ride. If you stick to who you are and find others willing to accept you for that, you are going to be more satisfied for most of that time you live.

Others will be happier with the real you as well. You won’t be a pretender. People see right through that kind of behavior.

Just think about others who are not true to themselves. How long does it take you to see through that disguise?

If you always think that you want what others people have, sadly, you will never have enough. You will always find another angle – as I deserve it more than them – to want more. That’s an endless, redundant cycle, and it will never lead to your happiness.

Always strive to become the best possible versions of yourself, if you need to compare, compare with yourself. Am I doing the best I can? How can I do this better?

Make a commitment to keep growing and challenging yourself a little bit more each day. Celebrate the advancements, no matter how small, without comparing yourself to others.

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    Wow- great article! I really appreciate the tip at the end. Sometimes it seems so simple, but it’s really nice to hear someone talk about it and acknowledge that it’s not an easy process, but take your time and breathe. It’s great to cleanse yourself every now and then from negativity in your life. Thank you! Painfullylovingmybody.com

      • Mazzy Byrne
      • August 5, 2018

      Thanks Katherine. Appreciate your encouragement

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