The Health Benefits of Drinking Water

What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Water?

Overall, water composes roughly 60 – 70 % of the human body. Your brain and heart contain over 70% water. Even your bones are made up from over 30% water. You truly are a water baby!

Under normal circumstances, you can only last a week or so without water.

Water is also used in the digestion of food and in numerous chemical reactions that take place in the body.

Considering how much of the body is made up of water, it only makes sense that not getting enough water can be a real problem!

[box] CAVEAT – Please, only drink purified water. Unfortunately, most tap water contains various pollutants. So unless you have your water tested, and that includes some bottled waters, it’s better to be safe than sorry.[/box]

A persons recommended daily water consumption varies, it is based on your age, weight, body type, one’s activity level, and even the climate that you live in. But as a general rule, women should drink around 90 ounces  – 11 cups of water a day, and men should drink around 125 ounces – 16 cups, per day.

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The Health Benefits of Drinking Water: Why You Should Keep Hydrated

Water has numerous benefits, so take advantage of these ideas to make certain you’re getting enough:

Regulating body temperature. You’re sweating all of the time, whether you realize it or not. Have you ever noticed that you feel hot and uncomfortable when you’ve gone too long without a drink? This can happen even when the weather is cool. Your body needs water to produce the sweat that cools it.

Water Helps to Maximize Your Physical Performance. If you do not stay hydrated, when exercising, and for any physical performance, dehydration can have a noticeable effect on your ability to perform well. So if you exercise intensely and tend to sweat, then staying hydrated can help you perform at your absolute best.

Water helps keep you regular. Water helps to keep everything moving along. When you don’t get enough water, your feces can dry out and constipation is the likely result. Increasing your water intake is one of the first things recommended as a part of the treatment protocol

 Flushes Out Toxins.  Consider that there are many different toxins floating throughout your body. Water is the river that flushes those toxins out. Don’t let your water level drop too low, or else the toxins make themselves a home and cause problems.

Benefits of drinking water for skin – Water helps to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. Beauty experts and dermatologists recommend getting plenty of water as a means of keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. Your skin becomes dry, loose, and can take on the appearance of wrinkles when you don’t drink enough.

Your skin is your bodies largest organ. If your skin is not getting a sufficient amount of water, this will show by making your skin dry, tight, flaky and maybe even irritated. When your skin is dried out, it has less resilience, which makes it more prone to wrinkling and blemishes.

Benefits of drinking water for weight loss – Water helps to maintain healthy body weight. Water is necessary to digest food. It can also help to keep you feeling full.

It has been shown that drinking a half-liter of water before meals helps dieters to lose more weight. Drinking water helps in the removal of body fats and helps you feel more full, just add a bit of fresh lemon juice to help curb hunger. Not only does this act as a natural appetite suppressant, but can also help improve your body’s metabolism.

Water Can Enhance your mood. Studies show that drinking more than a half-gallon of water each day results in greater feelings of calmness and contentment. Those drinking significantly less reported greater levels of tiredness and confusion. Water can be a great way to feel better and more positive.

Here’s Why You Should Be Drinking More Water Video

Dehydration Affects Your Brain

Decrease frequency of headaches. Dehydration is a common cause of headaches. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is headaches and medical experts aren’t completely certain why this occurs, but the results are well-known. If you find yourself having regular headaches, make sure you’re getting enough water each day.

Athletic performance is decreased by insufficient water intake. Whether you participate in a strength sport, endurance sport, or anything in between, your performance will be poor if you’re not sufficiently hydrated.

Water can help to ease or prevent many diseases and ailments. Asthma, kidney stones, and constipation are just a few physical maladies impacted by hydration levels.

Drinking Water May Help Treat Kidney Stones.  A higher water intake increases the amount of urine that passes through your kidneys, which then dilutes the concentration of minerals, making them less likely to crystallize and form ‘stones’. Water may also help in the prevention of the forming of the stones,

_How dehydration affects your brain

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So, how much water is enough? It depends. The needs of a 250-pound man that works outdoors in Phoenix will be different from the needs of a 115-pound woman that lives in Toronto and works indoors. A good rule of thumb is to drink enough water to have at least three clear urinations each day. For the average person, half a gallon works well.

[box] Here are even more reasons our body needs sufficient water:

1. Water helps lubricate your Joints Your cartilage, which is located in and around your body’s joints and spine, consists of around 80% water. One of the effects of dehydration over time can reduce the cartilage’s shock absorbing ability, which then leads to joint pain.

2. Water helps form saliva and mucus Your saliva helps us digest your food, and keeps the mouth, nose, and eyes lubricated and moist. This helps to prevent friction, which prevents irritation and damage. Drinking water helps keeps your mouth and teeth cleaner, this helps to reduce tooth decay.

3. Water delivers oxygen throughout the body Your blood is more than 90 percent water, and blood carries much-needed oxygen throughout the body.[/box]

While all beverages are primarily composed of water, nothing compares to pure water for hydrating your body in a healthy manner.

Avoid water-based drinks like coffee and sodas though, because caffeine is a diuretic, which leaches valuable nutrients from your body.

There are few benefits to drinking significantly more water than you require. In fact, it’s possible to drink too much water. Serious side effects, including death, can occur from over-consuming water.

Ensure you’re getting enough water each day. If you have any questions or concerns, consult with your physician.

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