Ways You Can Control Your Diabetes

Tips For Controlling Your Diabetes

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Many people live with the health condition called diabetes.  Diabetes results from trouble with insulin, and causes the body to have higher than normal blood sugar levels.  Living with diabetes does not have to be hard.

Quit smoking.

Try again if you’ve tried before.  Nicotine constricts your blood vessels.  Diabetes already have a problem with circulation to the extremities; that’s what leads to vision problems and the need for amputations.  Smoking increases these risks, as well as being bad for your health overall.  Ask your doctor for some resources to help you quit.

To make sure you don’t suffer from diabetes-related complications, always get plenty of sleep.  Studies have show that people suffering from sleep deprivation eat much more food, which will make it difficult to keep your diabetes under control.  A good night’s rest will also help your body to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Check your blood sugar often.

This is very important if you are dealing with diabetes because you blood sugar can spike or get very low without you feeling any symptoms. You can buy a glucometer for less than $100.00 or you may be able to get it free from a diabetes educator.

Add green leafy vegetables to your diet to help control diabetes.

Green leafy vegetables contain high amounts of Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA).  ALA has been shown to lower glucose numbers by stimulating your body’s own insulin production.  ALA can be taken as a supplement, but getting it naturally is the most effective method.

Yoga, and other meditation practices, may positively effect your diabetes.

Studies show that heightened stress levels can cause imbalances in blood sugar levels.  These can lead to diabetes.  Studies also show that meditation and yoga have a positive effect on stress levels, meaning better control of your insulin and blood sugar numbers.

To help manage diabetes, educate yourself about your condition.

There is a lot of information available about diabetes and much of it can be found online.  Start with learning as much as you can about the basics, then proceed to more advanced diabetes topics.  The more you know about it, the better you’ll be able to manage diabetes.

Long term complications from diabetes include artherosclerosis which can lead to heart attack, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Artherosclerosis affects the vessels of the eyes and kidneys as well.  The retinas become damaged leading to diabetic retinopathy and blindness. Damage to the kidneys leads to kidney failure which is a common cause of death for diabetics.

You should watch what you eat.

Your diet makes a huge difference in how your diabetes is managed.  Cut out sugary drinks like soda and anything with refined carbs like junk foods and candy.  You should try to eat more vegetables and fruits.  Also choose healthy foods that contain good fats.

Many people learn to live with diabetes.  The condition is caused by the body having trouble with insulin, which in return results in the body having high blood sugar levels. Though living with diabetes can be a burden, it does not have to be hard,.

Dealing with Diabetes to Enjoy Your Life Better

Learning to deal with diabetes is never easy. It is bad enough we have to live in a greed-based world filled with confusion, violence, media junk, and so on.  Still, those with diabetes can live healthy providing they adhere to diet, medications and exercise.  Diabetes is a serious condition.

Tips On Controlling Diabetes With Diet And Exercise

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What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a disease that you can get if you do not eat right or take care of your body.  Genetics play a part in diabetes as well.  In fact, hereditary is a hard cause of the problem.  The disease can cause blindness.  The disease can lead to amputation of legs, or feet.

Diabetes is a disease that when your body does not produce enough insulin to break down sugar in the bloodstream.  Diabetes includes two types, yet various levels are considered.  Diabetes includes Diabetes Insipidus and Mellitus.

The first diabetes is where your body is incapable of producing enough insulin to do what its supposed to do.  This type of diabetes is treatable.  You will need medications, exercise and strict diet to maintain your health.

Diabetes Mellitus has five types.  Each type results from insulin interruptions whereas the system is disrupted.  The disruption causes chaos within the body’s ability to function.  The body cannot act naturally and it takes insulin shots to treat this condition depending on the type.

How would I know that I have this disease called diabetes?
If you go to your doctors on a regular basis, your doctor will monitor your health.  If you have family history of diabetes, let your doctor know so he/she can conduct random testing.  A glucose test is necessary to find diabetes.  Blood lab tests are useful also to spot diabetes.

What you should watch for?
Drinking but not filling your thirst quench.  If you feel fatigue often and don’t know, then you should be tested.  Diabetes, depending on the type makes a person feels weak, endure pain, lose weight, gain weight, etc.  The disease is so confusing to the bodily functions that it doesn’t know which direction to head.

What can I do to help me not to get this disease?
No one has control over disease but you.  If you adhere to regular checkups, the doctor can spot the disease at an early stage, which the disease then can be managed.  You need to eat right and do excises daily to help maintain your weight, since diabetes takes delight in feeding the disease to the point of death.

What happens to those with diabetes?
Unfortunately, the disease is not partial.  The disease targets young and old alike.  Once the disease develops it puts the person at risk of blindness.

Some people lose their legs or other limbs resulting from diabetes.  Most people with diabetes are at risk of kidney failure. If you already have diabetes then listen to your doctor and follow all instructions.

One of the top recommendations to diabetes patients is to consume much fluids. Your body is losing fluids as diabetes drains your bodily organs of its natural elements. You will also need to avoid saturated fat foods and basic sugars. In addition, your doctor will need to test you regularly to control your illness.

You want to take care when diabetes is present since it can lead to meningitis, headaches, tachycardia, dehydration, muscle weakness, pain, and so on. In addition, you may endure blurred vision, sexual dysfunctions, slow healing, and so on.

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Again, diabetes is a killer; so take care of your health.

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