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Plant Based Diet and High Protein Foods

Enjoy healthier living by choosing a plant based diet!

Here’s what is covered in this article: Plant Based Proteins for Heart Health Plant Based Proteins for Weight Loss Plant Based Proteins for Building Muscle Animal Proteins vs Plant Proteins Nutritional Advantages of Legumes How to Add More Plant Protein to Your Diet Top Sources of Plant-Based Proteins The plant based diet has become very […]

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How A Plant Based Diet Will Improve Your Genes

When Hippocrates wrote 2,400 years ago to “let food be thy medicine,” he had no idea that scientific experiments would one day prove him a visionary. Food is no longer just a source of calories containing protein, carbs and fats. Food is information and can be viewed as a remote control to our genes, turning them on and off by a variety of modifications.

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Start Adding Some Variety to Your Vegetarian Lifestyle

If you’re considering moving to a vegetarian diet as an adult, you probably want to pass on this good nutrition and improved way of eating to your family as well. In fact, it’s your responsibility as a parent to nurture your children and help them develop physically, mentally and spiritually

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