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Skin Care Tips For Flawless Skin

Maintaining a healthy skin is important in today’s image-conscious society.  So how do you go about it?

Your skin is the largest organ in our body, and the body’s first layer of protection against the environment.  Besides good skin is the most important ingredient in physical beauty.  Ask the supermodels if you don’t think so!

All this makes proper skin care very important for a human being.  Every day our environment inflicts a lot of damage on the skin, from exposure to pollutants, sunlight, ultra violet rays, etc.  And we add to that by using skin care products that are not very skin-friendly, through our ignorance.

Choosing the best skin care products should be a very important part of your skin care routine.  This is easier said that done.  There is no lack of skin care products in the market shelves though having a good skin is still a distant dream for many. The flashy ads in magazines and billboards of supermodels endorsing various brands of skin care products isn’t of much help either when you are trying to choose the best skin care product for you.

Best Natural Skin Care

What is the ideal skin care routine?  A healthy and glowing skin is the desired product of any skin care regime.

The first step towards healthy skin is a clean skin.  Any skin care routine starts with a cleansing process.  Washing your face after you’ve been out is important, as facial skin is most exposed to the dust and grime in the atmosphere.

But do not over do it, as excessive use of soap and other cleansers may lead to the secretion of excess oil and cause eruptions or lesions on your face.  This is especially so if you have oily skin.

Be careful since overzealous face washing, more than twice a day, or using skin care products that leave your skin as tight as a drum, can actually cause damage.

By exercising regularly, this can increase toxin removal in your skin and help you to look younger by boosting collagen production while diminishing wrinkles at the same time.

Korean Skin Care Secrets and Facts

Drinking plenty of water daily is good for your skin as it helps get rid of toxins in the body.  A balanced diet with the right servings of fruits and vegetables is also essential for maintaining a healthy skin.

Skin Care And Acne

Acne is the most common skin care problem affecting people, especially teenagers.  The medical name for this condition is ‘Acne vulgaris.’  Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the dead skin cells and the oil clogs the skin pores.

Usually acne is seen to fade in the late 20’s but some people, mostly women, face this problem even in the 40s and 50s.

The main cause of acne is the hormonal changes.  Especially in teenagers, the sebaceous glands become overactive and secrete excess oil, which then blocks the pores in the skin.

This, in turn, leads to inflammation and redness of the skin causing acne.  The majority of those affected by acne only experience it in a mild form, but severe acne could lead to emotional and physical scarring.

Poor hygiene or increased stress levels are not, as is popularly believed, the main cause of acne, though they may aggravate the problem.  There are now excellent treatments available to treat acne and produce the desired results.

More tips for great skin

How often you should exfoliate?  Well, it depends on your skin type.  People with sensitive skin should only exfoliate once a week, while people with acne, or a combination or oily skin, should exfoliate twice a week.

Try using exfoliants with oatmeal, which has a skin-soothing property to it.  Be cautious of exfoliators with sharp or hard particles, such as apricot seeds or walnut shells, as these can cause microscopic tears in the skin.

Physicians treat acne based on the patient’s skin characteristics and nature of lesions.

For proper skin care it is important that one understands one’s skin type.  There are mainly three skin types: dry, oily, and normal skin.  When you choose skin care products, keep in mind that they should be chosen depending on your skin type.

Remember, first impression is always the best impression.  And how your skin looks plays a very important role in how others perceive you.  With better skin care you can make a better ‘first impression’.

Combat Aging With Anti Inflammatory Foods

Combat Aging With Anti Inflammatory Foods

Eating Anti Inflammatory Foods Will Combat Aging

Including anti-inflammatory foods into your diet will add ‘healthy years’ to your life.  Feeling good and aging gracefully means being as healthy as you can be, for as long as possible.  What you eat, your dietary and lifestyle choices will play a big role.

It is becoming well known that chronic inflammation is behind the creation of many serious illnesses, including heart disease, different cancers, and even Alzheimer’s disease.  While it’s good to make the effort to exercise and eat right, you can always be looking for ways to fight aging through eating anti-inflammatory foods.

All of the anti-aging philosophies, promises, and products can be daunting.  You may wonder whether or not eating anti-inflammatory foods is helpful to you.  It turns out that the body’s aging process can be accelerated by inflammation in the body.  You need to talk to your doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist to find out more about this.

What is inflammation and how can it affect your body?

The immune system responds to injury and diseases by providing you with inflammation.  This is a normal process that is important for healing. One the other hand, not all inflammation is healthy for you.

When inflammation gets out of hand, it can attack the normal cells of your body and the process that is supposed to heal you becomes self-destructive. It is now well known that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses, especially those related to the aging process.
Persistent stress, over-exposure to environmental toxins, and poor diet can all contribute to this type of inflammatory process.

Can something be done?

The good news is that there are some lifestyle choices that can help this process.  Following an anti-inflammatory diet is one way to control the aging process. While it sounds like a good idea, be wary.  The anti-inflammatory diet is an eating plan you follow through on throughout your life in order to combat the aging process.  It isn’t technically geared for weight loss but rather helps improve your overall long-term health.

7 Anti Inflammatory Foods To Include In Your Diet

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The anti-inflammatory diet places a focus on whole foods that are whole and unrefined, high in anti-inflammatory spices, high in healthy fats, and high in omega 3 fatty acids.

Some things to include in an anti-inflammatory diet include the following:
• Soy products, such as tofu, soy milk, tempeh, an edamame
• Healthy fats found in extra virgin olive oil of high quality, beans, avocados, seeds, and nuts
• Vegetables and foods that are brightly colored, such as dark berries, fruits, and vegetables
• Clean water and green tea as a beverage
• Spices that are anti-inflammatory, such as cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger

Dark Chocolate – you can enjoy this delicious treat without a lot of guilt, but only dark chocolate, with 70 percent or more concentration of cacao. Milk chocolate is not healthy, due to the high concentration of sugars and fats.

Berries – especially blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. These delicious fruits are packed with flavor as well as fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Berries – especially blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. These delicious fruits are packed with flavor as well as fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Green tea – Green tea will provide the caffeine you need to quick-start your day, but its much higher antioxidant level also helps to protect against cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Mushrooms, olive oil and tomatoes – these three foods are included as ingredients in many healthy recipes, but they can also be beneficial either separately or together. Lycopene is a compound found in tomatoes that has been found to reduce inflammation and help protect against various types of cancers.  Cooking tomatoes in olive oil increases the amount of lycopene that you can absorb by eating them in combination.

Foods to Avoid

It is also important to decrease your intake of foods that cause inflammation.  Highly processed foods are inflammatory as are carbohydrates that are quickly digested, such as sugar and sugary snacks.  You need to stay away from foods containing vegetable shortening, partially hydrogenated oils, and polyunsaturated oils, such as soy, corn, safflower, and sunflower oils.

It may be difficult to know if you are eating any of these foods, which is why you need to read the food labels to see if any of these inflammatory foods are in them.  When you’re not sure, you should buy raw unprocessed foods and cook them yourself.  Food that are labeled “raw” or “organic” can be seen as good foods to choose in an anti-inflammatory diet.

Does an anti-inflammatory diet work?

According to the expert dietitians, there is good evidence to show that monounsaturated oils and omega 3 oils can fight inflammation.  On the other hand, some of the information is off when it comes to taking anti-inflammatory foods to combat aging.  One study indicated that heredity can play a role in who gets the disease and who doesn’t.

While diet is important, genetics also plays a role in the aging process.  You can decrease the effects of chronic diseases by eating an anti-inflammatory food diet.

Why spend thousands of dollars in medicines when nature provides  almost everything you need?
Nature has presented us with numerous anti-inflammatory foods which don’t have adverse reaction, but are also great tasting.

Don’t make big changes all at once.  Start introducing anti-inflammatory foods gradually into your diet and take away inflammatory foods so that eventually your diet represents an anti-inflammatory diet as much as is possible.

Anti-Inflammatory Secret – the best anti-aging foods

Are there risks to an anti-inflammatory diet?

According to experts, there are no known risks to taking an anti-inflammatory diet.  You should, however, take precautions if you have food allergies. You should talk to your doctor about finding ways to use this type of diet to your advantage.

There are many variables involved in how long you live, but by following a healthy lifestyle, excercising regularly and eating a nutrient-packed anti inflammatory diet, you can help slow the aging process and perhaps even stave off age-related diseases

Detoxing Your Mind Body And Spirit

Detoxing Your Mind Body And Spirit

Discovering A Detoxing Plan for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Most people, when they think or hear about detoxing, automatically think about cleansing the body.  And most certainly, that is a good thing to have a healthy body.  But spirituality should also play a vital role in your daily life.  If you believe in a higher energy, you know that there are certain things that you should and should not do.

Holistic – ‘The Whole’

Holistic living is gaining more popularity these days.  It means that a person should live a healthy physical and spiritual life.

People with strong faith will say that a healthy life is worth nothing if your spirituality is at its lowest.  These two aspects should always compliment each other to achieve full body detox.

Most people will say that you should live your life to the fullest, and so why not achieve a full body detox?  Detoxing or detoxification, is a process to eliminate all the harmful toxins that have accumulated inside the body.  The body, mind and spirit go hand in hand, why?  Your body will not function properly, or even exist, without a proper functioning of your mind and spirit.

It is a sad fact that most people have very little time to ponder about the Holistic aspect of life.  They are too busy looking for ways to paying the bills, making more money, and meeting work deadlines.  And although this may be so, people also have a choice, they can freely choose how to live their lives, as they see it fit.

If you want to begin holistic living, start by detoxing your full body, mind, and spirit.

The body has its own natural way of detoxification, but if too many toxins overwhelm the body, it needs some help.  There are a lot of good detox products and programs available almost all around the world.

Detoxing products aid the body in the detox process, making you feel more revitalized and energized.  There are also other benefits of body detox including gaining a healthier skin and regular bowel movements.

  • Do a physical cleanse for 7-10, even 30 days to cleanse your body of toxins.
  • Cut out all sugar, alcohol, caffeine and if possible, meat. Eat fresh!
  • Work with a dry body brush before every shower to help remove any skin toxins.
  • Exercise at least 30 mins per day, even if it’s just a brisk paced walk.

Just do a little research and find a process that you feel comfortable with.

The mind should also undergo detoxification.  You must free your mind from all negative thoughts.

When you are feeling down, it can be helpful to find the things you enjoy about others and to offer positive feedback.  It’s important to remember that the things we see in others are also reflections of our inner selves.  Reach out and find a way to connect with and uplift someone with some positive energy.

Detoxing the Body, Mind and Soul: A 14 Day Healing and Rejuvenation Program Video

There is ‘Psychoneurimmunology’ a practice that has been in existence for thousands of years in the eastern cultures; it believes that the mind and body are intimately linked to each other.

Patients who undergo this treatment are taught how to focus the mind, and visualize the flowing healing-energy into the body’s organs which needs healing.  If you are successful in doing this treatment, the healing process is said to move at a faster rate.

Visualization is the key to unite the mind and body, and achieve results.  You accomplish this if you get help from the professionals who are into this kind of mind detox.  Of course, there are also other types of mind detox that you can make use.  Choose one that you think will work best for you.

Focus on mindfulness, this means becoming aware and enjoy the present moment, practice mindful eating and really amp up my mindful listening

Meditation calms the mind, body and soul.  Turning inward is a time tested way to clear away the muck of mental junk food.  Tuning into your internal wisdom is a quick path to deleting those things  which do not serve you well.  Start consciously training yourself to start looking for the positive gift in living and being aware of the moment.

Spirituality is also one aspect in a person’s life that should also be given equal attention.  Meditation and prayer is the most familiar form of exhibiting spirituality.  It is part of almost any religion found around the world.

There is no established ‘right’ way to pray or meditate for that matter.  In fact, you can pray or meditate anywhere you like, in any position you like, just as long as it comes from the heart and you have faith in the process .  All you need to do is to find the most comfortable way of praying and meditating, that will work best for you.

Spend some quality time in nature, appreciate the trees and plants which help to create the air you breathe, get out of your head.

It is very possible to get full body, mind, and spirit detox and those are just a few of the ways.

Getting assistance from a good teacher or licensed professional can greatly help you in detoxing and achieve real and tangible results for your mind, body and spirit.

Be Aware Of Your Food Choices

Your Health And Your Food Choices

Having the right food choices gives our bodies the fuels they need to function properly.  If our bodies don’t get the right nutrients, ie. vitamins, minerals, etc., our metabolic processes suffer and our overall health declines.  The nutrients in the foods we eat, enable, the cells in our bodies to maintain their health and perform their necessary functions.

Improve your food choices.  Many people who eat unhealthy diets believe that they are following a sound nutritional plan.  However, those same people often do not include fruits and vegetables with every meal.  And they often eat meals on the go without giving it a second thought.

If you want your body to perform at high-efficiency, you must provide it with high-efficiency foods.  This means more whole, raw foods and as few preservatives as possible.

Plan your eating ahead of time.  This is one of the things that nutritionists will tell you to do when you want to improve your eating habits.  For one thing, you will not be hungry if you are prepared with a meal schedule.

Also, you will not be tempted by sugar and caffeine throughout the day when you have plenty of healthy alternatives on hand.

Drink more water.  Most people cannot honestly say that they drink nearly enough water.  In fact, many people do not realize how much water they need to drink throughout the course of a day.  You should focus on drinking half of your body weight in ounces each day.  And, this does not include beverages other than water.

In order for your body to function at its optimal, you need to make sure that you are drinking enough.  Dehydration can occur when you are not getting enough water in your body, and there are many dangerous and bothersome side effects.

Eliminate the color white from your diet.  In general, foods that are white in color contain little in terms of health benefits and are in fact better eliminated completely.  This includes white bread, white pastas, potatoes, crackers that are not made from whole wheat and white rice.

You can eliminate these items or replace with foods that have a higher nutritional value like whole wheat bread and pasta, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

Eat more foods that are acidic and alkaline. Consider modifying your diet to include foods that are acidic and alkaline, because many holistic experts believe that this is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy body.  Foods like meat are high in acid.

Fruits and vegetables tend to contain a high alkaline content.  One of the reasons that this will improve your health is that your body will contain far less bacteria when it is acidic than when it is not.

Don’t overdo the grains.  Consider reducing the amount of grains and other carbohydrates that you are eating on a daily basis.  The typical food pyramid emphasizes eating a large quantity of starches, however nutritionists believe that focusing more on fruits and vegetables will keep you healthier overall.

Consider adopting a raw food diet.  This is where you eat only unprocessed and uncooked foods.  Often, the damage done to the body by food occurs because of the additives and preservatives that are used in the preparation.

While most people find that they cannot sustain this type of diet for an extended time period, some have transformed their life and health through raw food consumption.

Avoid foods with added supplements.  Believe it or not, nutritionists do not recommend supplements for the sake of adding more nutrients.  You should try to obtain the nutrients you need through the foods that naturally contain them.

And, if you require supplements, you are far better off just taking supplements.  One nutrient that seems to be added to everything these days is calcium.  The amount of calcium being added to products like orange juice is so minimal that it really will not help you to overcome a deficiency.

Eat a teaspoon of honey every day.  Honey is known for its amazing healing properties, and because it contains 100% natural sugars it is a safe and effective way to give yourself an energy boost.  Honey is good for your skin, your circulation and for the cells of your body due to a high content of antioxidants.

Nourish your body.  Many holistic healers believe that malnutrition is often responsible for many commonly occurring health problems, meaning that if the body does not get what it needs, illness will be the result.  Imagine if you completely avoided calcium and how that would affect your bones and teeth.

The result would be brittle and broken bones and teeth.  Well, the same applies for many other important nutrients.  Be sure to keep giving your body what it needs to stay healthy.

How Food Choices Affect Your Health

Food Choices And Your Skin

Eat a better diet for better skin.  Holistic specialists who deal with dermatological problems will tell you that most skin problems are related to the foods you eat and the quality and amount of nutrients that you ingest.  They will most likely point at food based toxins that seem to be keeping your skin from functioning effectively.

One possible treatment that might be suggested is liver detoxification, considering that the liver is responsible for filtering most toxins out of the body.

Drink more water for skin problems.  If you are suffering from a skin problem such as acne, eczema or some other sort of condition, the answer may be as simple as drinking more water.  Improperly hydrated bodies lead to skin that is not supple and nourished enough to stop these conditions and dehydration can definitely cause skin problems that might otherwise be avoided.

Make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.  Making the change will help your health to improve overall, and your skin will show the results.

Treat your skin with Jojoba oil.  Jojoba oil, in its many forms is an excellent supplement for your skin and hair.  This oil is known for rejuvenation of the skin as well as repairing hair and scalp problems.  Consider using a shampoo or body wash that contains the oil in order to have healthier skin and hair beginning right away.

Do not use anything on your skin that you would not also eat.  While you naturally are not going to eat soap, you should purchase products that contain natural substances and little in the way of toxins or potential irritants.  Otherwise, you are requiring your skin to work harder to eliminate toxins.

Try sulfur for acne relief.  If you suffer from teen or adult acne, it might be worth trying a sulfur based cream specially formulated to work on skin lesions.  Sulfur is a naturally occurring substance in the body, and therefore it is completely safe.

There are a number of conditions that can be helped by sulfur, in addition to acne.  These include liver damage, shortness of breath, pink eye and lactose intolerance.


If your food choices fuel your body with processed food, fast food, sugar, fat and calorie-dense food affects who you are, what you do and your ability to pursue your dreams and aspirations. Your food choices are that powerful – so eat wisely

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