The Health Benefits of Drinking Water

What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Water?

Overall, water composes roughly 60 – 70 % of the human body. Your brain and heart contain over 70% water. Even your bones are made up from over 30% water. You truly are a water baby! Under normal circumstances, you can only last a week or so without water.

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Dehydrated_ What are the healthiest drinks besides water_

Chronic Dehydration Symptoms

Dehydration is a condition that can occur when the loss of bodily fluids, exceeds the amount that is needed to maintain a healthy body. Medically speaking, dehydration means that a person doesn’t have the proper fluid balance in the body and as it begins to lose its ability to function normally, it produces symptoms related to […]

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Be Aware Of Your Food Choices

If your food choices fuel your body with processed food, fast food, sugar, fat and calorie-dense food affects who you are, what you do and your ability to pursue your dreams and aspirations. Your food choices are that powerful – so eat wisely.

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