Natural Appetite Suppressants That Work

Natural Appetite Suppressants That Work

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Many people grab a weight loss pill to help curb their appetite and help with weight loss but did you know that there are many natural appetite suppressants that can do the job, without the many negative side effects.

If you are struggling with an insatiable appetite, it might be getting in the way of losing weight or just causing you to spend a lot of your time thinking about food. There is a lot to learn about your hunger cues and figuring out if you really are hungry or not, but if you just want to lessen your appetite a little, the following natural methods can help.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Green Tea

When you are looking for a healthy beverage, skip the soft drink or sugary juice, and go for green tea instead. Not only is this a healthier option with a lower amount of sugar and caffeine, but it includes green tea extract, which is great for suppressing your appetite. This is one of many reasons it is recommended when you are trying to lose weight.

Green tea has been known to help with providing antioxidants your body needs, balance out your metabolism, and regulate the hormones that regulate your hunger and appetite.


In terms of herbs that can help suppress your appetite, fenugreek is one of the best ones. This is actually part of the legume family, though it is classified as an herb. You can get ground fenugreek, which is ground from the seeds of this plant.

Fenugreek contains lots of fiber, which helps to reduce your appetite, as well as provide other health benefits like balancing your cholesterol and even helping to regulate your blood sugar levels. The thing is though, that you need to add this herb to certain food recipes regularly for it to have an effect. Or you can try capsules, and if you are more adventurous, try taking a seed a day and build up to a level you feel comfortable with.


As far as foods to eat, add a little more nuts to your diet. Yes, these are higher in fat, but they also contain fiber, protein, and plenty of other nutrients your body needs. They are considered healthy fats that do your body good and can also help to suppress your appetite between meals.

Have a handful of nuts and cheese as a snack, or a healthy breakfast with a slice of whole grain bread, some nut butter, and sliced bananas on top. Just be careful with your portion sizes since they are a bit higher in fat.

Essential Oils

If you are interested in more holistic remedies for reducing your appetite, try essential oils. Quite a few of them have been known to help with appetite suppression, including peppermint and lemon, but grapefruit is among the best.

Grapefruit itself is great for reducing hunger and appetite, so it makes sense that the pure essential oil would also be beneficial.

You will also get some extra antioxidants and important enzymes your body needs. Be sure to only use high-quality essential oils.

If You Enjoy Spicy Foods

Natural ingredients like cayenne pepper, black pepper, curry powders, organic turmeric, ginger root, dandelion flower (yes, that lawn pest) and or cinnamon can help increase your body’s ability to burn off fat, suppress your hunger cravings, normalize your body’s glucose levels, help your body with their anti-inflammatory benefits, can reduce free radical damage which causes faster aging, all while reducing your craving for sweets.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia comes from a fruit called Garcinia gummi-gutta.

The peel of this fruit contains high concentrations of hydroxycitric acid – HCA, which has been shown to have effects on weight loss.

Best Appetite Suppressants That Are Drug-Free Video

Natural Appetite Suppressants that Work

Filling Foods For Weight Loss

When you are trying to lose weight or just maintain your current weight, the issue of hunger and appetite often comes up. If you feel like you are never truly full and always have hunger pangs, then it is a good idea to look at the types of foods you are eating.

Some foods can actually help you feel fuller longer so that you are eating healthy meals with a lot less snacking.

Chia Seeds

The first food you can start consuming more often to help curb your cravings and stay full longer is chia seeds. These little seeds will absorb water and detoxify your body, plus they are virtually tasteless and easy to add to any food or drink. You can add chia seeds to a green juice or smoothie, which also helps you get in all those healthy leafy greens and other fresh produce.

But don’t forget you can also make chia seed pudding or just sprinkle them on your favorite salad.


Eggs are delicious and the healthy type of fat. For years, people were told not to eat too many eggs due to cholesterol, but doctors now recommend them regularly as a healthy protein source. They can also help to keep you full in between meals. The fat content and high protein content of eggs combine to fill you up and satiate you for a longer period of time.

Try making a breakfast with an egg scramble made with your favorite veggies, or have bacon and eggs on the weekend. You can also make egg muffins that you bake and save for later.


If you enjoy eating fruit, don’t forget about the pears! These delicious, juicy fruits not only provide lots of important vitamins and minerals, but they also help to fill you up. This is thanks to a carbohydrate in pears called pectin, which is great for your digestive system.

Sometimes, your immune or digestive system is to blame when you are constantly hungry, and you need some pectin to help balance out your digestion and lower cholesterol. It is a good snack to have between meals when you are in need of a little sustenance.

Legumes – Beans

If you are not on a low-carb diet, consider adding legumes to your meals. Legumes include peanuts, beans, chickpeas, and lentils. You can have these on your salads, in a homemade soup, or even in chili. Lentils are complex carbs and provide some healthy fats, while also adding plant-based protein. If you are a vegetarian or just don’t eat a lot of meat, this is your next best thing for getting enough protein and nutrients in your diet.

Best Appetite Suppressants That Are Drug Free

Best Appetite Suppressants That Are Drug-Free

Curbing Your Food Cravings

Do you find that you overeat, not just in general, but specific foods? This is often not from proper hunger cues from your body, but due to cravings. Many people crave salty or sweet foods, but it can be a craving for just about anything.

Here are some tips for curbing those cravings.

Drink More Water

There is a reason you see this recommendation every time you read about controlling your appetite or reducing hunger and cravings. In many cases, you feel hungry, but you are actually thirsty and possibly dehydrated. It is easy to get these signals crossed, so when you think you need food, you just need a little H2O. It is a good rule of thumb that when you are having cravings in between meals, you drink a full glass of water.

Wait at least 20 minutes after completing your water, then if you still have that craving, go ahead and have a snack. If not, you were just thirsty.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Mental and physical health is very closely connected. Your physical health can affect your mental well being, and your mental health can affect your physical well-being. It is not uncommon to have stress or anxiety, and that lead to emotional eating, constant hunger, or increased cravings.

Part of the reason for this is because the hormone cortisol is released when you have a lot of stress.

This hormone causes you to find a way to relieve the feelings, which many people do with sugar, carbs, and junk food. This is where the term “stress eating” comes from. By reducing your stress, you can also reduce your cravings.

Get Enough Nutrients in Your Meals

The most important thing about having healthy meals isn’t trying to eat as little as possible or restricting food groups, but aiming for balance. Have an even balance between lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and produce in the form of vegetables or fruits. This might mean having a dinner with salmon, brown rice, and broccoli, or a lunch with a sandwich on 100% whole grain bread and an apple on the side.

You can get as simple or as complex as you want, as long as you are getting all the nutrients you need without starving yourself.

Make Sure You Are Eating Enough

You also need to be sure you are not restricting yourself in other ways. Don’t wait too long to eat between meals, or try to go on a crash diet. Malnutrition and under-eating can quickly lead to food cravings and binges, which might cause you to gain more weight than what you lose.

Try to include omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics into your diet.

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While over the counter appetite suppressants sound like an easy, quick solution to help you lose weight but there is quite a bit of evidence that they are not completely safe and effective. Instead, learn about natural appetite suppressants, find out how they work, what works for you, and what you can do to stay healthy and speed up your weight loss.

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