Essential Oils For Mood Lifting

Just What Are Essential Oils Used For?


Essential Oils Definition

es·sen·tial oil
  1. a natural oil, typically created by distillation, and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or another source from which it is extracted.

Basically, essential oils are the natural oils extracted from plant roots, leaves, stems, flowers, or bark, offering a highly concentrated version of the plant.

Essential Oils and their benefits and uses include: helping you to sleep, relieving anxiety, used in massage therapies, they make an excellent air freshener, can be used in cleaning,  as a pain reliever, used to help support weight loss,  aids in digestion, supports stronger and healthier nails, can be used in detoxifying the body, and helping to treat common allergies.

Essential Oils For Mood Lifting

The list of benefits and uses for essential oils is long and complex, but let’s stick to basics. One of the top benefits for these oils is to help you feel better mentally and emotionally in the form of boosting your mood.

If you need a nice pick-me-up, here are some of the best essential oil scents that will help you accomplish that.


If you have ever smelled something with a strong lemons cent, then you have a good idea of why this can be an excellent mood booster. Lemon is, of course, a citrus essential oil that is fresh, clean, and a little sweet. It is amazing for helping you to improve your mood and your energy levels, while also improving your concentration.

Lemon essential oil is also naturally an antibacterial and antiviral, so it can help with your immune system if that is what is causing your mood to shift.

Ylang Ylang

Another essential oil that is highly recommended for improving your mood is ylang-ylang. It might have a funny name, but the health benefits are outstanding. This is definitely in any top 10 list of the best and most beneficial essential oils for you.

This is a tropical scent with a combination of a floral and sweet aroma. It is often used for mood behavioral changes like what you see in people with anxiety or depression. It is also very effective in people dealing with mood swings and irritability.


Jasmine is similar to other floral scents, like lavender and chamomile, where it is very relaxing and such a pretty scent to use. You can really boost your mood when you feel like you are standing out in a field of wildflowers. Jasmine has naturally calming properties, so it is great to use just before a big presentation or when you are feeling especially anxious.

It can also boost your energy, help you feel more optimistic, and even give your confidence a nice little boost when you need it.


If you are interested in these floral scents, don’t forget about rose or rosemary. These essential oils are wonderful for reducing mental fatigue and exhaustion, which can take a toll on your emotional health and your mood as well. If you feel like you are experiencing irritability and mood changes because of how overwhelmed and stressed you are, the rose is the essential oil you want to use.

As an added bonus, it also helps with physical pains.


Lastly, there is bergamot, which is one of the citrus aromas for essential oils. Like lemon and orange, it is very refreshing and clean-smelling, which can really stimulate the happy chemicals in your brain and help your mood lift when you need it. Bergamot is also great for increased energy.

What Can Essential Oils Be Used For Video

How to Make Essential Oils

When you get deeper into the world of essential oils, you will discover blends, which include 2 or more essential oil scents mixed together. Some blends have just the oils, while others are already diluted for you with a carrier oil. It can be a lot of fun making your own blends, but these experiments can also go wrong and affect you in negative ways.

It is important to know a little more about what you are mixing and what it will be used for before you experiment with blends.

Blend by Notes

The first way to blend your essential oils is by-notes. These are the same scent notes used in any type of fragrance. While many times you are using essential oils for the health benefits, you want to blend scents that compliment each other.

You want to try to choose an oil from each of the different notes, including top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

For example, peppermint and lime are top notes, chamomile, rose, and clary sage are middle notes, and ginger and sandalwood are base notes.

Blend by Type of Aroma

It is also good to understand more about the types of aromas, also called aroma families. This allows you to stick with oils in the same aroma family if you are just starting out. This is the safe and easy way to start blending for beginners, as you know scents in the same family will compliment each other.

The 6 aroma families are:


Naturally, the fruity oils like orange, lemon, and grapefruit are citrus, florals are rose, jasmine, lavender, and woody are the sandalwood and frankincense. This is not a complex list, but you get a general idea.

Blend by Effect

Lastly, consider what you are using the essential oil blend for. This is helpful because then you can think about the type of effect you are going for. Use this information to create a blend, but also keep in mind the notes and what will complement each other best.

For example, if you are looking for relaxation and to reduce anxiety, some oils that might be good together include jasmine, lavender, geranium, and bergamot.

Remember to use testing strips and blend just small amounts of oil at a time so that you can experiment and come up with the perfect combination of scents.

Essential Oils For Mood Lifting

Essential Oil Hacks

The topic of essential oils seems to be everywhere, but if you are new to using them, it can be a lot to absorb. The following information is going to give you some awesome tips and hacks that will help you understand some of the more unique uses and benefits of essential oils.

Help Relax Your Dogs

If your dogs have anxiety, whether general anxiety or from a specific situation, you can relax and de-stress them with some essential oils. One of the best relaxation oil scents that are safe for dogs is frankincense. This is great to have in a diffuser in a room where your dog will be when they might have heightened anxiety, such as from fireworks or thunder and lightning on a stormy night.

Use a Roller Bottle for Topical Applications

You probably know that when you are using essential oils directly on the skin, they first need to be diluted with carrier oils. However, this can be a pain to mix and then add drops to the skin, as well as a little messy. Roller bottles solve a lot of problems for you by providing a simple bottle for mixing and go on much easier. There isn’t a big mess and it is convenience just having to roll the oils onto your skin.

Freshen Up Your Laundry

If you want to have laundry that smells nice not only right when it comes out of the dryer, but throughout the day, essential oils are to the rescue. You can actually use dryer balls and just add a few drops of your favorite oil to the dryer balls, then put them in the dryer as you normally would. The scent will fill the dryer and get on all your clothes. Try light, refreshing or floral scents like lavender, rose, jasmine, or sweet orange.

Add Oils to Lotion or Shampoo

The great thing about essential oils is that they are really easy to use, and don’t require complicated applications. If you want the oils on your skin or scalp and don’t want to worry about diluting them, just add them to a product that will do the diluting for you. While water won’t dilute oils, most shampoo and body lotion has enough of the other carrier oils and ingredients to dilute the essential oils.

Add a few drops to these products to get both the scent and the added health benefits.

Make a DIY Bug Repellent

Tired of having bugs in the house? Essential oils to the rescue! You can deter a lot of different insects from ever coming into your house with peppermint essential oil. Many insects hate this scent, including mice and spiders.

Use a spray bottle to add some drops of peppermint and distilled water, then spray it near all the entrances of your home, or anywhere you think insects and rodents have become a problem.


More Essential Oils Tips

  • Remove grease stains using lemon essential oil – Just put a few drops on the stain, gently rub in, but do it quickly, don’t wait until the stain sets.
  • DIY mothballs – a few drops on cotton balls and add to your closet or drawer
  • Keep cupboard bugs away – Use white vinegar and add a few drops of essential oil.  Try using individually or a blending – citronella, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and peppermint
  • Add to your moisturizer to help it work even better -a few drops of myrrh and or, geranium
  • Get rid of spiders –  use peppermint essential oil
  • DIY personal diffuser – add a drop or two of your favorite scent on a scarf, or… Just be careful the oil you use isn’t staining.
  • Give your toothpaste a boost – Add a drop of rosemary and or, a drop of peppermint


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as natural remedies for various health conditions and also to help improve the health of your skin, hair, and body, and to make DIY recipes as needed.

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