Energy-Boosting Foods

Energy-Boosting Foods

Why should you learn about energy-boosting foods? Well, many people lose energy and end up feeling run-down at some point during their day. This lack of energy will affect your daily activities and make you overall, less productive.

But the reality is that the quality, type, and quantity of food that you eat are an essential component in determining and regulating your energy levels throughout the day.

Not all ‘foods’ give you beneficial energy, so you need to become aware of those foods that contain the right nutrients that will help increase and maintain your energy levels while keeping you more alert and focused throughout the day.

Often when we wake up in the morning, many of us can’t seem to get started unless we’ve had our energy-shot for the day, and that comes from our cup of coffee, right? That’s what we’ve been depending on for years, not quite understanding that there are quite a few other foods that can really kick-start our day in a more healthy way.

The thing about  coffee is that, yes, it does make us feel great as the caffeine gets to work, but once it starts wearing off not too long afterward, then we are still left feeling sluggish and foggy again – that’s when we reach for another cup, maybe even with a bit more sugar added this time to keep up with the day’s schedule.

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If you truly do want to last all day and stay alert and ‘with it’, there are some other better ways than coffee to supercharge your day – there are many high energy-boosting, healthy foods to stop you yawning before night time comes along.

By the way, always try to buy and eat organic foods. This means they are free of harmful pesticides and other chemicals and GMO’s.

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Energy Giving Food List

How to boost energy when tired with these super energy foods


Apples are probably one of the most popular fruits in the world and offer a good source of carbs and fiber.

Because of their rich content of natural sugars and fiber, apples can provide a slow and sustained release of energy, so they are a natural energy boost

Apples have a high antioxidant content which can slow down the digestion of carbohydrates so that they release energy over an extended period of time.

Try to eat apples whole for better energy. Juices and purees, from which the fiber is removed, are ingested faster and will only provide you with quickly digested energy.


Bananas have plenty of vitamin C in them, plenty of fiber, as well as antioxidants and they, got a lot of natural sugar in too, fructose, sucrose, and glucose – these are converted into energy in your blood and the high fiber helps the sugar to be absorbed slower, to give you the energy to last right through the day.


How does a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel sound for breakfast? Well, it’s got the all-important omega-3 fatty acids which are perfect for brain health and energy production; let alone looking after your heart. Fish serves you protein to stave off those hunger pangs, giving you energy and crushing any of those post-carb yearnings that we all know about.

Lemon water

There are plenty of us who don’t drink enough water, but some warm water with natural lemon juice is hydrating to the body and skin and has plenty of vitamin C added as well. Studies show that those who don’t have drink plenty of water in the day feel the tiredness and fatigue setting in more than those who do.

Green tea

If you want to switch off the coffee and add a bit more zest to your life and diet, then green tea is for you. It has also got caffeine in, but far less than your cup of Joe. Green tea helps you concentrate too, filled with antioxidants and nutrients that can give you quick boost during your day.


Eggs are abundant in protein and iron and that means you get real sustainable energy for a busy day. Eggs have a nutrient called choline in them too, excellent for the brain, the muscles, and metabolism.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a nutritious source of energy for those looking for an extra energy boost.

Sweet potatoes’ offer great fiber content along with complex carbs so that your body digests them at a slower pace, which in turn provides you with a steady supply of energy.

Sweet potatoes are also a great source of manganese, which helps in breaking down nutrients to help produce energy.

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A smoothie with nuts is the ideal breakfast drink to start your day because it is full of minerals, vitamins, and fats. Furthermore, they are downright delicious! Filled with fiber too, to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and protein to keep you full for longer. Just the nuts stashed away in your desk at work can give you an energy boost if you haven’t got time for the smoothie. Check out some healthy delicious smoothies to make here.

Greek yogurt with some fruit

To get the most out of your snack, just choose some low-fat Greek yogurt; staying away from the flavored one because they come with plenty of sugar added. For that extra sweetness, just add in some delicious fresh berries with a bit of honey to control the sweet tooth in you. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can toss over your yogurt some delectable crunch toppings such as granola, which contain the necessary fiber.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a very nutritious food. Unlike white rice, it is less processed and retains more nutritional value in the form of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Because of its fiber content, brown rice has a low glycemic index, which can help regulate your blood sugar levels and help to maintain steady energy levels throughout your day.

What foods give you energy fast_

Get the real energy-boosting feeling that lasts all day long from natural foods

Coffee is a pretty amazing drink, that’s for sure. It’s no wonder that it is the most popular drink in the world with over 400-billion cups consumed each year!

But it has its drawbacks, excessive consumption will leave you dehydrated, cause headaches, and quick energy drops after drinking it.

So it shouldn’t be the go-to solution for your energy boosting, there are way more nutritious and energy promoting options that are delicious too; find one that will have you jumping out your bed to face whatever comes your way!

Please keep in mind that this energy-boosting foods list is not complete, there are many more healthy foods that are available, just do a bit of research to find more healthy foods that give you energy.

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