Digestive Enzymes and Your Gut Health

Your Body And Your Gut Health

Your body is designed to digest the foods you put into it and creates various acids and various enzymes to break down your food into the energies needed for the proper health of your body.  Now there may be legitimate reasons why your might consider taking a supplement, but true health is in making sure you help your body by not putting junk foods into it.

Making sure your gastrointestinal system is healthy and functioning properly, is very important to your overall well-being.  Your digestive system is responsible for the critical functions of your body’s digestive and immune systems.

The beneficial bacteria in your digestive system have the capability of affecting your body’s vitamin and mineral absorbency, regulating your hormones, breaking down your foods for digestion, turning this into vitamins for your body, affects the bodies immune response, along with the being able to eliminate toxins, and your overall mental health.

If you seem to get ‘gas’ no matter you eat, you regularly suffer from heartburn or indigestion, or if constipation is an issue, it probably means that there is something not quite right with your enzyme production, and the foods you are eating.

In order to be able to properly absorb nutrients, your food has to be broken down into microscopic particles.  Anything that’s not broken down or is unable to be absorbed, as in the case of many commercial foods with unnatural chemicals, they start composting somewhere in your intestinal tract, leading to any number of problems.

Before you start taking pills, let’s look at how the digestive process works, or at least, how it’s supposed to, when it’s healthy.

Digestion actually starts before you ever pick up your fork.  Ever notice that smelling something delicious can make your stomach growl?  That you start salivating? That’s your body realizing that food is on the way, and starting to pump out digestive juices to get ready for it.

All disease begins in the gut.”  – Hippocrates

As strange it may sound, it’s important to look at your food and appreciate it before you begin eating.  Gratitude for the cook, the farmer, the grocery store, for the Creator, feeling thankful allows your digestion to work better.  Christians have the dinner prayer, but don’t involve, or are unaware of the more subtle energies, but the idea is correct.  Eating calmly and with gratitude.

Chew your food thoroughly.  Yes, just like your Mom told you when you were little.  This obviously step not only breaks down the food you are putting into your body, it also stimulates the production of saliva, which contains the first round of digestive enzymes.

Boost Your Immunity, Repair Your Gut Health and Balance Your Body From The Inside Out

Your stomach produces acid that begins breaking down proteins.  This acid also signals your gall bladder to release bile, which begins breaking down fats into fatty acids your body can put to use.

After this mixture churns for awhile, your pancreas takes over.  It neutralizes the stomach acids, organizes and releases the enzymes that further break down the food.

If all has gone well, by the time it gets to your small intestine, macro-nutrients have been broken down into micro-nutrients, which then can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

If this complete process is not happening in the right sequence, then that’s how you get those irritable digestive symptoms that make you end up feeling bad, and reaching for a quick remedy.

All of the different digestive processes are necessary for your body to work properly.  If one action doesn’t happen or is inhibited in any area, the whole the process, and the body, suffers.

There are a few diseases that can also affect enzyme production, but one of the biggest causes of enzyme deficiency is Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS).  This is ironic, because enzyme therapy is also crucial to heal leaky gut.

It is possible to reverse and repair the damage that’s been done to your gut over years of unhealthy diets or imbalances.

Depending on your situation, your healthcare practitioner may suggest the use of hydrochloric acid therapy, or other enzyme combinations.

Proper use of supplemental enzymes, along with good quality foods and herbs,  can help to heal your body’s ability to once again create the enzymes it needs to fix your leaky gut problems and improve your overall energy.

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