The Different Types Of Diabetes

The Different Types Of Diabetes

Many people know that there is a difference between Type I and Type II diabetes, but they aren’t sure just what those differences are. Others may not know that there are actually several other types of diabetes in addition to Types I and II, and that there are diseases that may mimic diabetes but are not the “real thing.”


Learning To Manage Your Diabetes

Here’s How You Can Make Your Diabetes Easier To Manage

There are three main types of diabetes, type 1, type 2, and type 3.   All of the types are troublesome for those who have it.  Many people today realize that they can manage their diabetes more than they had previously thought.

Diabetes is a condition where the body has high blood sugar levels due to problems with insulin.  Type 1 diabetes results from an inability to produce insulin.  Type 2 diabetes results from an inability to properly use insulin.  Gestational diabetes only occurs in pregnant women.

If you are one of these people then you’re in the right place.  Managing diabetes is all about educating yourself, and the right information should help you learn how to manage your diabetes more effectively.

Diabetes Medicine

When buying your Diabetes medicines, ask for as much as possible at one time.  The fee that is added when the pharmacist dispenses your prescription is the same whether you buy 30 days or 90.  Therefore, spreading that cost out over multiple days will also reduce the per-dose cost of your medications.

You need to have your eyes checked on a regular basis especially if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.  Diabetes is one of the main causes for people to go blind.  If you have diabetes and notice that your sight is getting worse, you should see an eye doctor right away.

Helping your child with diabetes can be quite scary for any parent.  If you take the time to learn about the disease and teach your child about it, you are going to be much more comfortable and confident about helping your child manage their disease for the rest of their life.

You need to take the initiative to find out everything that you can about diabetes if you are diagnosed with it.  It is important to learn exactly what diabetes is and what things you can do to live with it.  It can be dangerous to live your life the same way you have been when you have diabetes.

When looking for a substitute for something sweet, make it yourself!  For example, if you don’t want to eat sugary store bought relish since it will spike your blood sugar and set your diabetes off, then make your own by chopping up dill pickles.  Need a replacement for ketchup?  Try mixing pureed tomatoes and honey.

To decrease your risk of developing diabetes, quit smoking.  Smoking raises your blood-glucose levels, which significantly increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Quitting smoking can lead to weight gain, which also increases your diabetes risk, but diet and exercise is an easy way to tackle that issue.  Anyone with a family history of diabetes should be sure not to smoke.

Diabetics should never skip a meal!  If you’ve planned to eat, then you must eat, or else your medication can drop your blood sugar so low you end up getting very sick.  At least have a drink of juice or milk and some of your food so that your body gets a boost of energy.

Checking your blood glucose levels may seen like an intrusion into your daily routine, but it is a practice that can essentially save your life.  Find ways to make routine checks more convenient, such as keeping multiple monitors at home and even in your desk at work.  Remember, however, that your strips and monitor are sensitive to light and temperature, so they should not be kept in your vehicle.

You should now start feeling confident with ways you can manage it.  Remember that there’s more information out there too.  If you continue to learn about how to control your diabetes, and apply it diligently, you should be successful in managing your diabetes.

Diabetes – Control Your Blood Sugar Tip For The Day Video

More Ideas For Beating Diabetes Symptoms

It is essential that you get a proper amount of exercise.  Everyone needs to exercise, but those suffering from diabetes definitely need daily exercise in order to keep blood sugar under control.  If you struggle with finding time to exercise, then try walking during your lunch break, and always be certain to take the stairs when you can.

Your Diabetes Diet

Learn to read the nutrition data on food labels is key to eating the right diet for your diabetes.  Keep track of how much carbohydrates, sodium, sugar, fat, protein, and fiber are in each food you eat and try to only choose those which will keep your weight in check.

Use glucose tablets or a couple of SweetTarts to treat your lows.  As tempting as it may be to go to the fridge and eat everything that may help to recover from a low, you are sure to gain a few unwanted pounds and still have to wait a while for the food to bring your levels back up.

Educate your family on what to do if your blood sugar drops or spikes to dangerous levels.  A diabetic has to battle their disease with the help of family and friends, so ensure they know the symptoms to keep watch for in case you end up in a situation where you can’t control it yourself.

If you have diabetes, and you plan on getting pregnant or are pregnant already, it is crucial that you take extra folic acid.  Babies born to a diabetic mother are more likely to develop birth defects than those born to healthy mothers and folic acid can reduce the risk of birth defects.

Make sure that if you are diabetic and you are going to be traveling by airplane, that you drink a lot of water.  The cabin’s air is a lot drier than normal air is and it can cause thirst, especially in those that have diabetes.  You may be able to pass through airport security with water bottles if you can prove that you have diabetes.

If you’re diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, why does the doctor prescribe exercise and lower sugar intake?  It’s because doing these things can often help cure diabetes!  If you are exercising and eating a healthier diet, your body can process sugar better – thus lessening the ability of diabetes to take over your life.

Keep learning, listen closely to your body, and then you will be able to live as normal as possible and handle your diabetes.

Does Your Genetics Play A Role When Preventing Diabetes

Is It Possible to Prevent Diabetes When Genetics Play a Role?

There are many different diseases that people get that because the genetic material for those diseases are passed down from generation to generation. Alzheimer’s appears to be one such disease.

Family members share genes, behaviors, lifestyles, and environments that can influence their health and their risk for disease.  If you had a mother or father diagnosed with the disease, then your odds of getting it would be increased.  However, some diseases will not automatically develop in the next family member – even if there is a history of the condition.

The risk for high blood pressure can increase even more when heredity combines with unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking cigarettes and eating an unhealthy diet.

The reason for this is because at the root of some diseases is our ability to stop the condition from occurring.

Diabetes is one of these conditions.  It doesn’t matter if you had grandparents, parents or siblings diagnosed with diabetes.

Being proactive and reducing your risk factors is the surest way prevent getting Diabetes.  Being proactive with your health simply means that when it comes to issues that affect your health, you must try your best to minimize the risk factors that are a part of the disease, so they do not take control of your life.

You’re not doomed to get the condition if you’re proactive about it.  That’s the key to preventing getting diabetes.  Being proactive with your health. That means that you must take steps to do what you can so that the risk factors that go hand in hand with the disease don’t take control in your life.

The biggest risk factor for getting the disease is how much weight that you carry.  For each pound that you are overweight, it impacts your risk level for developing diabetes.  The reason that this happens is because of how the body’s cells are impacted by the fat.

People who are overweight struggle to be able to properly use the insulin their body produces.  The cells become resistant toward insulin rather than having the sensitivity that you would normally have.

Is Your Diabetes Genetic Video

Get yourself active – avoid the risk factor of sitting around

When your cells become insulin resistant, the glucose can build up in your bloodstream and lead to high sugar readings.  This leads to organ damage, a higher risk of heart attacks, blindness, amputation and even premature death.

So if you are carrying extra weight and you have a family history of diabetes, lose weight so that you’re in the healthy zone for your height and frame.

Picking the right foods to eat can help you avoid diabetes.

Another big risk to developing diabetes is the kind of foods that you eat, so make a diabetic food list.

If you eat a diet that’s high in calories and loaded with sugar, then your odds of getting the disease will increase.  One thing about eating sugar is that it triggers a feel good hormone in the body, which can lead to craving even more sugar.

To keep diabetes at bay, it’s best to have a low carb, healthy meal plan.  Create a diabetes diet plan

Another risk to getting diabetes if you have a family history of the disease is being inactive.

If you spend more time sitting around watching television than you do being active, your chances of getting diabetes will increase.

Exercise allows the body to be able to use the glucose properly and it keeps the cells from becoming insulin resistant.  It also helps keep the extra weight off and your diabetes in check.

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