Cupping Therapy

An Introduction To Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a popular alternative therapy that uses suction cups to promote blood flow and promote healing.
Popular with sports stars, athletes and many celebrities, cupping therapy have hit the mainstream and you can now even get cupping therapy sets online.
There are multiple home cupping therapy sets among the best selling alternative medicine products, and this form of therapy can be used to boost many areas of health,

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Cupping Therapy

An Intro to Cupping Therapy

When it comes to feeling better, most of us are open to trying new things. Alternative forms of medicine have been around for thousands of years, and new practices will continue to grow each year. There are so many different ways to create healing from different forms of sicknesses, inflammation throughout the body, and other forms of pain that you may deal with on a daily basis.

Therapy can include mental, as well physical toward the mind and body and you must remember that the mind and body work together as one, functioning element. There are many forms of stress in life, and throughout alternative medicine and different practices, you can get relief from whatever is bothering you, although some individuals may disagree. Have you ever heard of a type of alternative medicine, which is a specific therapy called cupping therapy?

There are arguments that this type of therapy has no benefits all the way to having quite a lot, but what does this kind of therapy involve? Who should get it done and what are some of its amazing benefits, as well as arguments against it?

So, we are going to be taking a look into all of those questions, finding out what cupping therapy is really about.

Cupping Therapy

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Though the name may sound quite strange, cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine which involves the suction of one’s skin throughout the usage of cups applied right against the skin of an individual. A lot of people will get this kind of therapy for many different reasons, but the main reason is to reduce pain throughout the back, stimulate relaxation, as well assist with forms of inflammation throughout the body.

There are essentially two types of cupping therapy, which includes dry cupping, as well as wet cupping, as well a technique called sliding cupping. Keep in mind that during all the types of cupping therapy, your therapist will place an inflammable substance in the cup and then will proceed to set it on fire.

Once that is complete, your therapist will then wait for the fire to initially go out, and when it does, he or she will then place the cup upside down on your skin. Now, you would probably think that this would hurt quite a bit, but in fact, it doesn’t. When the air cup begins to initially cool down on the surface of your skin, it will create a vacuum.

What will this cause, initially?

What this process will cause your skin to do is rise, as well redden (which does not hurt), making your blood vessels expand for added relaxation and comfort throughout your body.

Please don’t let the fire scare you because more modern forms of cupping therapy will use a rubber pump instead of the fire in regards to creating the vacuum inside the actual cup. A lot of people are intrigued by the type of cupping called wet cupping therapy, and this is where the therapist will create a mild suction by initially leaving the cup in place for around three minutes and after the three minutes are up, your therapist will remove the cup using a tiny scalpel to make very light and small cuts on your skin.

What About Cupping Therapy Video

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There are a lot of people that do not like the idea of this type of therapy, and then again, there are some that will be quite intrigued by it. Remember that after the very small cutting is performed, which once again, doesn’t hurt like how you could imagine. A lot of people will become afraid when they hear or see the word, cut and that is absolutely understandable.

Now, after the small cutting is performed, your therapist will then perform a second type of suction to draw out a very small quantity of your blood. Once again, this terrifies people, but many individuals engage in the wet cupping therapy because it releases those “feel good” endorphins in the brain and stimulates better blood flow, as well induces great mental relaxation throughout the mind and body.

Throughout your first session, you may get around three to five cups of suction, but a lot of people just try one cup to see how they will like it, inching their way into it quite slowly. Please take into consideration that it’s extremely rare to get five to seven cups, so never go over five cups. The British Cupping Society noted this.

Toward the end of your treatment, you will probably get an antibiotic ointment, and a couple of bandages in regards to preventing forms of infection and your skin should most definitely get to looking normal again in about seven to ten days, depending on what type of skin you have; whether it be thick or thin.

Where Did Cupping Therapy Originate From?

Originally, cupping therapy originated from China in regards to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese used this type of alternative medicine therapy to stimulate the flow of “chi.” What is chi? Chi is the free flow of vital energy in which circulates throughout one’s body, as well the world around us.

Keep in mind that the Chinese believed that if this chi is disturbed or negatively interfered with, it could cause blockages, as well imbalances throughout the body. This could cause the mind, as well the body to not function as properly as if positive energy was circulating through it. Did you know that there are other speculations that the ancient Egyptians could be the original individuals that brought cupping therapy to light?

There are two sides to this story, and it’s up to the reader to choose which one they believe. It’s been dated that the earliest pictorial records have dated back to the 1500 B.C., which have shown that there were pictorials of this type of therapy recorded in the oldest medical textbook, called the Ebers Papyrus. Some people believe that the Chinese hold the initial placement of the cupping therapy, while on the other hand, some believe that the ancient Egyptians hold that place. The important element is the fact that cupping treatment is here, regardless of who is responsible for the introduction of it.

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What Are Some of The Benefits of Cupping Therapy?

There are many different benefits of cupping therapy which make this therapy so popular and intriguing to others and below in a listing format; we are going to actually go over some of those added benefits.

Blood Flow and Energy: Throughout various forms of research, it’s been noted that cupping treatment is responsible for stimulating better blood flow throughout the body. It has also been proven that in some individuals, cupping therapy is responsible for giving people more energy after the procedure. The suction of your skin has a high that you will get, kind of like getting a runner’s high, only with cup suction throughout the skin and this will cause many people to feel relaxed.

Cupping Therapy

Eliminates Weakness Throughout the Body:

You probably wouldn’t think this, but throughout the cupping experience, you can actually get rid of your weakness and fatigue. How is this achieved? It’s completed by opening your nerves that have overtime, have become inflexible and sore.

When the nerves are opened during cupping therapy, your blood will then be released to other parts of your body in that need it the most. It’s like your body’s own way of healing itself. As a side note, any obstructions within the vessels will also be free without causing no initial harm to your muscles.

The Curing of Fever:

It’s also been noted that cupping treatment helps with getting rid of a fever. Researchers state that through this type of therapy, it’s a great way to treat a fever. There have been studies conducted which proved that cupping treatment will drive away pathogenic elements, which cause pain, as well disturbance inside the homeostasis in your body.

The cupping therapy will open up the nerves around the muscles and cause a much better blood flow throughout the body, releasing the tension of fevers in some individuals.

Fighting Against Skin Diseases:

It has also been proven that cupping rehabilitation will fight against specific skin issues in some people. Such illnesses include boils, pimples, abscesses, acne, herpes, and other forms of skin issues. Keep in mind that if your skin illnesses have anything to do with blood, such as a disease that is blood-associated, cupping treatment is going to fight against that specific illness.

This type of therapy will aid within the initial formation of lymph fluids, and these types of fluids are required for fighting off forms of bacteria, as well as other pathogens. Cupping treatment will essentially purify your skin and will eliminate any bad particles which are found inside the blood. Keep in mind that this type of therapy also helps to strengthen your body’s defenses to defend itself from various forms of infections.

Did you know that this type of therapy also helps to improve your skin’s respiration?

It will essentially stop the transmission of gases within the skin’s cells and did you know that when the skin’s cells hold a great metabolic action, the overall functions of the different glands will tend to recover? What is the main motive in cupping treatment when it comes to getting rid of skin diseases? The main motive is the release of motionless, as well as jammed blood.

Cupping treatment also helps to eradicate any toxic materials from your skin’s exterior.

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The Prevention of Liver Disease:

Liver disease affects up to 4.6 million individuals in The United States alone, which is a staggering number to take into consideration, but were you aware that cupping treatment has been linked to assisting with the prevention of liver disease? This type of therapy will take out the disorientated, as well as stagnant corpuscles in your body.

Cupping treatment also extracts any filth which may be found in your blood. Keep in mind that when this process occurs, your blood will tend to flow a lot better. This will also help your liver’s functionality, as well it’s overall productivity. Remember that your liver is in total control of converting the excess triglycerides inside the blood, but if your liver isn’t able to achieve these types of functions, your blood will begin to store excess sugar levels, which then can cause some issues.

When this happens, this will cause your body’s blood glucose levels to upsurge. So, cupping therapy is a great and effective way to prevent your body from developing liver disease because it cleanses out the blood in your system. Think of it as kind of like a natural healing process that your blood will go through during this kind of therapy.

Blood Circulation Will Tend to Improve:

Blood flow is important at all stages and ages in life because proper blood flow will supply great amounts of oxygen to the brain, as well as other organs. So, by having good blood circulation, you are helping yourself to stay alive; literally. If your blood is not circulating, you will be in some serious trouble. How can cupping therapy help blood circulation?

This type of therapy will help to enhance your blood movement by making your veins a lot stronger. It’s like giving your system a little boost from the inside out. Cupping therapy will also strengthen your arterial muscles simply be eliminating jammed blood in your system.

Keep in mind that without a good blood flow, your body will not be able to work very well, and if it gets bad enough, your body will stop functioning altogether. By engaging in cupping therapy, your blood flow will tend to flow a lot better, resulting in you being able to fight off viruses and illnesses a lot better, with vigor and strength.

Your body will tend to have more of an immunity against viruses because the cupping therapy will make your blood and veins stronger.

Did you know that aside from assisting with proper blood movement, cupping treatment assists to eliminate fluids that will cause forms of inflammation, protrusion, as well swelling within various areas of your body?

Will Treat Gastrointestinal Illnesses:

Cupping therapy can be very supportive in the treatment of gastrointestinal illnesses. Did you know that your physique has three main powerhouses? Those three powerhouses are the stomach, the intestines, and your spleen and these three capitals are in charge for generating energy, as well heat for your core. If the powerhouses are compromised, your body’s core temperature will begin to spike, and this will cause alterations in enzyme production, and that will affect your whole core body.

Cupping therapy will assist within the emission of vital digestive fluids, which will then prevent your circulation from absorbing damaging agents. Cupping therapy has also been noted to assist with the increase of your appetite, which is great for people that suffer from eating disorders, as well nerves and anxiety, as cupping treatment also assists with promoting great relaxation throughout your core body, too.

The Healing of Rheumatoid Illnesses Organically:

This type of therapy has also been proven to assist with rheumatoid illnesses in some individuals. Some people may like to engage in cupping therapy more so than taking medications because cupping therapy is a form of alternative, natural healing and a lot of prescription medications have a lot of negative side effects.

There have been reports in which people state that they get immediate relief from their rheumatoid illness symptoms. Keep in mind that cupping treatment aids for the healthy blood flow of a person, and because of that process, your body will be able to get all the nutrients, vitamins, oxygen, hormones, as well enzymes that it needs to function at a more proper and adequate level.

Did you know that cupping treatment also benefits your muscles when it comes to their individual elasticity? This will assist the joints to carry on normally, even when they are experiencing any type of impact. Amazing, right?

Cupping therapy has been known to also upsurge your joint’s elasticity simply by increasing the initial current of synovial liquid to the joint.

Assisting with The Nervous System:

Cupping therapy has also been proven to assist with balancing the nervous system out quite well. Did you know that our body’s nervous system will function when neurons interconnect with one another? Cupping therapy has been noted to assist the brain within the overall procedure of transmitting signals throughout the brain and nervous system.

How though? Well, this type of therapy helps by eradicating any forms of crowding in the brain, and this could result in some difficulties. Did you know that when your brain is vigorous, it’s able to communicate signals quite well?

This will ultimately make the remaining portion of your body respond to other signals as well. It’s all a huge connector system. If you are one to deal with emotional issues such as anxiety and depression, it’s been noted that cupping rehabilitation can assist with these issues because cupping therapy opens up the vessels in the blood and that will create a much better blood flow, resulting in more oxygen and strength given to the brain.

This type of therapy also stimulates relaxation throughout the mind, body, and spirit. This type of therapy is quite effective against epilepsy, headaches, as well as ischemia.

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A Little More Info on Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy does have a few side effects that you need to be aware of. Such side effects include a little discomfort after the initial treatment; cupping therapy could cause discoloration, as well bruising upon the skin.

Another side effect of cupping therapy includes leading to potential burns, bruises, as well as forms of skin infection. Although cupping therapy is quite beneficial to some people, there will always be a few side effects that you will need to remember before going in to see your therapist for your session.

Dry cupping is quite popular in our modern day and age because dry cupping implements the usage of a suction pump, while on the other hand, wet cupping uses a sterile blade is uses for part of the suction procedure. During dry cupping, your therapist will apply a cup upon the surface of your skin with the usage of a suction pump.

The cups are typically created from plastic, and they are detached during the initial suction procedure. This type of procedure will then draw the blood, as well the liquid away from any of your inflamed areas and this will bring them to your skin’s surface.

It’s important to note that this category of cupping therapy absolutely should not be completed if your skin has any open wounds because this could cause forms of infection to form inside your body. Who should get cupping therapy done? Well, anyone that wants to stimulate great blood flow and relaxation throughout your body.

This type of procedure is extremely safe for all individuals, but as we’ve mentioned prior, do not engage in cupping therapy if you have any open wounds upon your skin.

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